Web Development Overview
If you've been looking for a new website or to have some web development done, you probably already know that the industry is designed to do two things:
-Grossly overcharge for projects.
-To nickel and dime for 'extras' or 'additional services'.

Here at Komplex Inc. we pride ourselves on having lower rates then our competition while setting the customers expectations. This allows us to give REAL quotes that actually include everything you'll need to get your project off and rolling. Let's go over a few items 'the other guys' don't include:

  • Complete site design with 30 days of updates/changes included.
  • Website maintenance 101, an instructional breakdown of how your site functions and how to access and edit you mail server, FTP, database, etc.
  • Search engine optimization, allowing your customer to find your sites via web search.
  • Marketing overview, complete analysis of your marketing department and recommended changes for maximum exposure at a minimal cost.

Development Elements
There are also 3 major elements you must worry about when putting together a site:
-Domain name (purchasing of a domain name and configuring the DNS, email, etc).
-Renting a server (finding a reliable web host that can accommodate your site traffic).
-Implementing the site (setting up the website, credit card charging, shopping cart, etc).

Pre-development Costs
There are pretty much 3 options for web development (ballpark costs before implementation):
-Custom design (full custom design from the ground up, long development time and very expensive). ~2-5k price range.
-Template design (choose a template from a style you like, pay that site a small use fee for royalties. Still requires content input and implementation) ~50-200 price range.
-Template purchase (same as above in choosing a template, however you would buy the exclusive rights to the template. This means that it would be uniquely yours, no one else could buy or use it. Still requires content input and implementation) ~1.5-3k price range

Considering Templates
Why choose a template? Well it all comes down to costs and turn around time. Traditional ground up development costs can be as much as 10-20x more expensive then a template, and can take 3-4 times longer to develop. In most cases the final site might not be 100% what the client wants as the developer is trying to create something that they THINK the client will like. With a template you know up front the look, feel, and style of your new site. I now recommend that all my clients choose a template for their development. This ensures that my clients are 100% happy with the look and feel, and the costs / development times are minor in comparison. I've gone so far to embrace templates as to redesigned even THIS site using a template. For an idea of what type of templates are out there take a look at the sites below: