Company History
Started in 2007 by Trevor Brown as a freelance webdesign company, Komplex Inc. transitioned into a full fledged design and business consultation firm. Offering site design, marketing support, web video editing, full site flash and FLV integration, as well as business consultation and development.

Biography / Timeline

1994 - Trevor is hired by ASAP computers as a PC technician, building and repairing PC's.
1995 - ASAP trains their technicians in web development to offer design services to local businesses.
1998 - Hired by Eastconn Technologies as a webmaster / server technician.
1999 - Moved to San Francisco, CA to take part in the "Dot com" boom.
1999 - Hired by AlphaSoft Services (#131 on the inc 500 at the time) as their senior webmaster.
2001 - Moved to Tucson, AZ to work for Convergys, which held contracts for Microsoft, and Yahoo.
2003 - Moved to Osaka, Japan to work for Yahoo BB on contract as a marketing consultant.
2004 - Moved back to CT and was hired by Aetna Insurance company as a web developer.
2006 - Hired by mBLAST, startup company specializing in MMRM.
2007 - Started Komplex Inc. (current)