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      Most Recent Sites

      Lajency Modeling
      (Up and coming modeling agency covering the greater New England area.)

      (mBLAST founded event synchronization service, linking many event databases.)

      (Motorcycle specialty shop with services including; repair, customization, dyno tuning, and motorcycle sales.)

      mBLAST Movies
      (mBLAST marketing movies, done in Flash and edited with Vegas.)

      (Leader in Media and Marketing
      Relationship Management 'MMRM'.)

Our Latest Project
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    Business Consultation Clients:

    Vanstry Design
    (They have removed their site as a counter measure to corporate theft. Two competing Chinese companies have used the product images off the site to reproduce exact copies. Due to this the site will be turned off for a redesign, and will be a placeholder until further notice.)

    Lajency Modeling
    ( site launched! Official company launch July 5th 2008. Details are being worked out, keep an eye on their site for more details.)

    (Motoconsult has just finished construction of a new building allowing for two more bike lifts and one additional car lift to be added.)

All news displayed here is in accordance with the signed NDA. For discloser of non public information between Komplex Inc. and the above clients.